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Well, we’ve been writing with SNRG for a while now, and have our first song out with them, Fated. ┬áHere’s the cool video from their friends Matt Padilla and AC Lalata (MATTxAC/Philippine All Stars). We’ve had this in the can for a while now, but here it is:

Over the winter, I took Deadmau5’s Masterclass and learned a few things. I know not everybody is down with him, but it was pretty well balanced and refreshingly candid.

It definitely helped me shore up a few ideas that I’d been trying to crystallize my head around, and presented it in a direct way. Not sure how beginners would fare, but it seemed wide ranging enough.

They had a remix competition in March, which we went ahead and tried our hand. Unfortunately, I had a massive ear infection and could only hear out of one ear! Not cool winter. Anyway, here’s the lyric video:

Now I know it’s no Wes Anderson movie, but this was my first go using iMovie. I don’t think visual arts is my future, but at least I’m learning something new every day.

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