Mix/Master Work

Bang bang

Yay! Both big projects that I have been working on have released this past week. My extended brother Mike (not me Mike but other Mike) and his band Forgotten Favorite have put out their 2nd album, and I got to do a little production work on it.

This was also my first full master attempt, so nice of the boys to let me use them as a guinea pig. I’ve had the Fabfilter suite for a while, but never really got try it out and put it through basic paces until now.

I had to do a few revisions of the master, but I was really happy to put my ears to work. Even though these VSTs are renowned for their beautiful GUI, I would just flip back and forth between the presets and really focus. Afterwards, I would pick the ranges for the bands and just listen. Anyway, nerd stuff, but a great use of my COVID time.

Definitely pick this one up. Not only was I shouting along to all the songs, but they are donating all proceeds towards the local DC / MD Black Lives Matter org. Win win!

A Cover + Remixes forthcoming!

Ok, to be honest, I just wanted to throw in ‘forthcoming’ into a post. I mean, there is one coming up, but it didn’t have to be announced like a ball. Anyway….

I did a little cover with my friend Sean Urban this week just for fun. He had told me about a little tribute series done on bandcamp, where they have a bunch of bands do interpretations of a band every month. Sean had the guitar ready, so I just threw some vocals and arrangements on top of it. You can find it here: https://prfmonthlytributeseries.bandcamp.com/album/june-2020-smashing-pumpkins

I’m not that into covers, just because they require an organization which I don’t have the effort for. But it was nice to do this for a second. I’m going to leave BC’s current political views off this post, and just pretend I’m still under 30 and loving this.

Most of my week and the previous weekend have been spent working on a remix for some friends of ours in DC. I’m very pumped! Emil threw on some excellent riffs already, and you can hear some of it on our Instagram.

I don’t know when that will be out, but it’s due next week, so I’ll be a little under the rader (ok, except for IG). Feel free to ping us there, and see if you can guess who its for.

A show + new music

I’m playing a show this Saturday! You can register here and check in and say hi.


In the context of our falling apart country, I worry that music feels very small, but I think this is a little of what I can contribute.

Oh machines.

I’ll be on the RIA Main Street Virtual Porchfest next week, so the picture above is me just testing out the tech for it. Should be great. I’ll send out the link eventually, or you can follow at this link:

In much more mundane matters, we are back for a bit. I’m going to avoid doing the apology of not updating this thing and just get on with it. Now that COVID got us, I’m sitting here catching up and going through things. Let’s update the website, why not?

Me and Emil are writing sporadically, and I’m doing some writing with a few friends, putting together beats and what not. Also, I moved to Belgium! They speak Flemish and French here. Which have a lot of vowels. I’m not used to that.

Standard ‘standing against a wall’ shot…