Requiem Remix!

It’s here! This has been a secret quiet project for me and Emil and I’m glad it’s out in the world.

Coup Sauvage writes:

Hold onto your church fans (and your face masks), @coupsauvage are back with another sermon for the children. We are reuniting one-time only for a special deluxe re-release of “Requiem for a Mountaintop.” Released in 2015 on our “Psalms from Ward 9” EP, the song was written after the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice. Equal parts elegy and call to action, it was our way to honor and celebrate the many black and brown lives lost as a result of police violence.

We never imagined the song would still be timely in 2020. Or that the list of names of people killed at the hands of the police would keep growing. All these years later, we are still angry, we are still in mourning, and we are still giving voice to our outrage the best way we know how – on the dance floor and in community. Now more than ever, we are dancing to rejoice, we are dancing for solidarity, we are dancing for our survival.

In response to the latest demands for racial justice, we’re re-releasing the original “Requiem for a Mountaintop” single. We’ve also added four new remixes produced by some of our favorite black, brown, and queer artists from the DMV including @cultfreedc & @atomsapart. All proceeds from Bandcamp will be donated to the Movement for Black Lives and ONE DC. Join us in supporting local artists and help us raise funds to continue the fight to make Black Lives Matter.

We started working on this a few months back, and I was really excited to do a proper remix for friends that I really respected and had created musical work that wasn’t a rehash of the same old same old. I wanted to be respectful of the amazing original song but at the same time, still amuse myself.

I put down some bass and guitar and some basic chords, while Emil started picking out synth tones and interesting little drum fills. I mixed and mastered it here in Laundry Room 2, my studio in Belgium.

A Cover + Remixes forthcoming!

Ok, to be honest, I just wanted to throw in ‘forthcoming’ into a post. I mean, there is one coming up, but it didn’t have to be announced like a ball. Anyway….

I did a little cover with my friend Sean Urban this week just for fun. He had told me about a little tribute series done on bandcamp, where they have a bunch of bands do interpretations of a band every month. Sean had the guitar ready, so I just threw some vocals and arrangements on top of it. You can find it here:

I’m not that into covers, just because they require an organization which I don’t have the effort for. But it was nice to do this for a second. I’m going to leave BC’s current political views off this post, and just pretend I’m still under 30 and loving this.

Most of my week and the previous weekend have been spent working on a remix for some friends of ours in DC. I’m very pumped! Emil threw on some excellent riffs already, and you can hear some of it on our Instagram.

I don’t know when that will be out, but it’s due next week, so I’ll be a little under the rader (ok, except for IG). Feel free to ping us there, and see if you can guess who its for.