Finally Fall….

It’s been so crazy hot these past few months. You’d think I’d be used to it, being a former equator city dweller, but I think I’ve gotten soft here in the land of froyo and smoothies.

We’re playing 3 shows in October, all at different cool situations…

dscf9897-1024x683 Porchfest 2015! thanks to Pablo Raw for the photo.

This coming Saturday, we’re rocking out at Porchfest in Adams Morgan Oct 1. More specifically, our friend Lawrence (of Saffron Holiday) is hosting a lawnlike stage in front of his house. It’s nice and elevated, so a good view, and they usually get crowded on the sidewalk, but it’s not a main thoroughfare in Adams Morgan, so not too bad watching off the street. It will probably be our last outdoor show for the year, since its going to be blitz cold this winter.

After that, we will be in Fredericksburg that Friday for Fredericksburg All Ages‘ 10th Anniversary. I’ve always loved the mission of FAA, and their execution is excellent in terms of getting it out the everybody, how friendly they are, and ultimately, providing a good place to hang out without having to get blizasted all the time.

Then we’re back in DC to play at Treehouse Lounge for the Halloween weekend! I’m not really a dressing up type of person, but I did wear a rat attack victim to R&R Hotel once. That got a pretty strong response. We’ll be rocking with our boy Radio Rahim, and probably backing him on a song or two, if not more. I’m hoping to have some other friends join us on the lineup to make a family affair.

Anyway, that’s that. We’ll be debuting some of the new songs that we’re writing for the EP, just to see what it will sound like live and if something is just too much cowbell. We’d love to see you…..

Back Home

Heyo! Being back in the Philippines was a crazy time, but we’re glad to be back.  Before Emil left, we got to see our friends in SNRG and guest on their radio show.  I (and Emil) had never visited Pampanga before, so it was a whirlwind 24 hour trip.


Right now we’re starting to finish up all the choruses and start doing scratch vocals for where everything is going to be.  It’s been a little hectic this past year, so the writing isn’t going as quickly as it should, but we should still have something out before the end of this year.


Writing in Boracay, Saying Goodbye in Manila

DSC05132I had planned to go to the Philippines with the family this March/April, just to visit the homeland and see everybody, but there were few events that changed everything.  With Zika out and about and slowly spreading across the Asian islands, Tini decided to reroute to Japan, so only Derek and I decided to go through.

Then about a week before leaving, we found out our Lola (grandmother in Tagalog) died.  Having seen 5 of her sons die, it seems that she is finally going to get to take a break and be with my Lolo again.  Emil then decided to take a flight to meet us over here, so he could pay his respects as well.

Consequently, we find ourselves in Boracay, the week before the funeral.  With the logistics of running a band being difficult to maintain in conjunction with maintaining real life duties, this is kind of a an opportune/tragic time to get together and finish the final details for writing the EP.  We’re targeting about 5 songs.  We still need to finish the arrangement to one, which is close, and then drum patterns for all of them to some degree.

Last night at 11PM, I was writing the chorus to one of the songs on a table in front of the beach.  Just randomly, some pinoy kids appeared and starting asking about the music and dancing.  I couldn’t have asked for better encouragement!